Our private Contemporary dance lessons

If you are looking for a way to stay physically active and acquire new skills consider trying our private Contemporary dance lessons. This style of dance is very versatile, a great option for self expression with a great fluidity and self-reflection that will for sure make you have an awesome time exploring.

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Private Contemporary dance lessons: What to choose ?

Contemporary dance draws influences from various dance styles such as modern dance, ballet, and jazz, and emerged in the mid-20th century. Known for its versatility and fluidity of movement, dancers in contemporary dance emphasize self-expression, improvisation, and the use of gravity and floor work, and can perform as soloists, duets, or groups. This dance style explores a broad range of themes and emotions through movement.

Since it’s a dance style very flexible and based on self expression and improvisation, it has a lot of different variations like:

  1. Modern Dance – Modern dance highlights freedom of movement and experimentation, with a focus on individual expression and interpretation of music.
  2. Jazz Dance – Combines elements of ballet, modern dance, and African-American rhythms, characterized by high energy, syncopated rhythms, and improvisation.
  3. Contemporary Ballet – A fusion of classical ballet and contemporary dance techniques, emphasizing fluidity, grace, and emotion, typically performed with bare feet or soft shoes.
  4. Contact Improvisation – Contact improvisation is a dance form involving two or more dancers in physical contact, exploring weight sharing, momentum, and improvisation.
  5. Butoh -This style of contemporary dance originated in Japan in the 1960s and is characterized by slow, controlled movements and grotesque imagery. Butoh often explores themes of darkness and transformation.
  6. Lyrical Dance – A style that combines ballet and jazz techniques with emotional storytelling. Lyrical dance is characterized by its fluid, expressive movements, and focus on interpretation of music and lyrics.

These are only some of many types of contemporary dance styles you can learn with us, each offering its own unique expression and benefits.

Why take private Contemporary lessons with us?

Our Contemporary dance lessons offer a personalized learning experience tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our experienced instructors will work with you one-on-one to help you learn at your own pace and master the dance styles of your choosing.

In addition, our Contemporary dance lessons provide an excellent workout that can improve cardiovascular health, build strength and endurance, and enhance flexibility and coordination. You’ll also enjoy the added benefits of stress relief, improved cognitive function, balance, mobility, and self-esteem.

Moreover, Contemporary dance offers you the opportunity to express yourself creatively and emotionally through movement and dance. It’s a wonderful way to develop your artistic skills and creativity, whether you’re looking to pursue a career in dance or simply explore your artistic side.

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