Our team of private dance instructors

If you are thinking of entering the world of dance through our private dance lessons, get yourself in the capable hands of our certified dance teachers, instructors and animators.

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There is a dance teacher perfect for you no matter what!

Highly experienced and skilled instructors, who are passionate about helping our students achieve their dance goals, comprise our team of private dance teachers. Each of our teachers has a unique dance background and area of expertise, allowing us to offer a wide range of dance styles for our students to choose from.

Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching dance to students of all ages and skill levels, including kids. They are patient, encouraging, and dedicated to creating a supportive and positive learning environment. They are also skilled in customizing their instruction to suit each student’s individual learning style and needs.

In addition to their teaching skills, our instructors are also excellent dancers themselves, with years of experience performing and competing in various dance styles. This not only demonstrates their technical proficiency, but also their ability to teach and inspire their students to reach their full potential.

We actively commit to providing our students with high-quality instruction, personalized attention, and a fun and enjoyable learning experience. We take pride in our ability to help our students achieve their dance goals and develop a lifelong love of dance.

What can our dancers offer you?

Our team of dance instructors offer a diverse range of services to cater to various dance needs and preferences:

  • Private dance lessons for both individuals and couples, which are tailored to each student’s skill level, goals, and learning style. Our instructors have extensive experience in teaching a variety of dance styles, including ballroom, Latin, contemporary, hip-hop, and many more. By providing one-on-one instruction, our teachers can focus on the specific needs and goals of each student, providing personalized feedback and guidance to help them improve their dancing skills.
  • For couples who are preparing for their first dance as newlyweds, our team offers specialized wedding first dance choreography services. Our instructors can work with couples to create a unique and memorable dance routine that fits their song choice, style, and skill level. We understand that weddings are a special occasion and strive to make the dance experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.
  • For bachelorette parties or other group events, we offer group dance lessons that are both fun and educational. Our instructors can teach a variety of dance styles that are perfect for parties, such as salsa, tango, or hip-hop. We can also customize the lesson to fit the theme or occasion of the event.
  • In addition to dance lessons, our team also offers dance animators for events. Skilled dancers who can provide entertainment for guests at corporate events, weddings, or private parties are our main dance animators. They can perform various dance styles or teach simple dance routines to get the guests moving and grooving.

Our team commits to providing high-quality instruction, personalized attention, and a fun and enjoyable dance experience for all, whether it’s private dance lessons for individuals or couples, wedding first dance choreography, bachelorette parties, or event entertainment.

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