Private dance lessons in Miami

Miami is a vibrant city located in the southeastern part of the United States, in the state of Florida. Known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and diverse culture, Miami is also a popular destination for those interested in dance. The city is home to a thriving dance scene, where we offer a variety of dance styles and classes available for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re interested in salsa, hip-hop, ballet, or any other style of dance, you’re sure to find a private dance lesson that suits your needs in Miami. Taught by our experienced instructors who are passionate about sharing their love of dance with others, Miami makes for a great place to learn and improve your dance skills.

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Why choose our private dance lessons in Miami?

Compared to group classes, our private dance lessons offer a variety of advantages. Whether you’re seeking a fun activity to enjoy with friends, a romantic experience with your partner, or a leisurely way to get moving, our lessons can cater to your needs in the following ways:

  1. Tailored attention: Our instructor will provide personalized attention, tailoring feedback and instruction to your unique skill level and requirements.
  2. Accelerated progress: Our approach can lead to faster progress and better results compared to group classes.
  3. Flexible scheduling: Our lessons are flexible, allowing you to select the time that suits you best.
  4. Supportive environment: Our lessons take place in a comfortable and supportive environment of your choice, which enables you to practice and learn without feeling self-conscious.
  5. Customized curriculum: Our experienced teachers will customize the classes to focus on your specific interests and goals, while adjusting the pace to your current level.

Overall, our private dance lessons in Miami offer a personalized and flexible way to learn and improve your dance skills. Additionally, they provide an excellent form of exercise that can improve your cardiovascular health, build strength and endurance, enhance flexibility and coordination, and boost cognitive function, balance, mobility, and self-esteem

How much do our lessons cost?

We offer a variety of personalized dance lesson packages that feature one-on-one instruction from a skilled dance teacher. Our packages are designed to meet different budgets and instructional needs, so you can find the one that suits you best. If you prefer to practice solo:

  • Our PACKAGE 7h30 – Offers 7.5 hours of instruction for one person at a rate of $75 per hour, totaling $562.50. This package focuses on one dance style.
  • Our PACKAGE 15-hour – Offers 15 hours of instruction at a rate of $70 per hour, totaling $1,050. This package allows the student to learn up to three different dance styles.

If you prefer to practice dancing with a partner, we also offer lesson packages for couples:

  • Our PACKAGE 6h – 6 hours of instruction for two people at a rate of $85 per hour, totaling $510.
  • Our PACKAGE 12h – 12 hours of instruction at a rate of $80 per hour, totaling $960.

We also offer group packages and V.I.P’s packs 24h & 30h with unlimited lessons during one year with the same teacher.

For more information, you can check the following links for both our 1 person and our 2 person dance lessons.

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