Bachelorette Party Dance Classes

in North Richland Hills

Are you organizing a bachelor party or bachelorette party and you don’t know how to go about it?

Don’t panic, discover an exceptional day where dance will take each and every one of you on a journey.

Make the event of your life unique!

Bachelorette Party Dance Classes

in North Richland Hills

Bachelorette party celebration - Bachelor Party dance & Flash-mob:

The bachelor party? A strong and memorable minute. Getting in touch with among the dance coaches/teachers for an EVG danse is to have a funny, special and festive moment. We adjust to you according to your demand, whatever your style and even if you have never danced prior to. This is the event why not to shock the bride-to-be or other guests on the big day. The partner teachers (specialists in the fields of animation and dance) will develop with you a choreography that you will have the ability to recreate on the big day.
All the choreographies we create for each event are totally adjustable and modifiable. Depending on the event, develop the most initial flash-mob!

Funeral service of a young girl's life - Bachelorette Party danse:

Bachelorette party Dance? An enjoyable and pastime. The speakers are all professional dancers, dance teachers and animation experts. Whatever your level (for newbies or validated novices), they will adapt to each of you. Have a memorable, amusing and joyful time.
On the program, discovery but likewise a good dose of laughter and a result at the end.
Whether you like a dance style or a design of music (Salsa, Charleston, Hip-hop, Modern dance, dance to style, Cabaret, Rock ...), all the teachers will be able to please your requirements.
Calling on the group of partner teachers of DanceAllStyles for a bachelorette party is to benefit from an animation in the type of dance initiation. Numerous dance designs can be seen. According to your tastes, an individualized choreography is produced at the end. You will be able to recreate it on the big day if you want. Go into from now on in the skin of a dancer and end up being the queens of the Dance Flooring!

Make sure to live an enjoyable, unique and magical moment.

The legendary styles for Bachelorette Celebration & Bachelor Celebration:
We adjust and direct you to among our partner instructors, among the finest dance professionals in your location, in order to address your project request.
You don't have any themes but you have particular desires? No worries. After a telephone interview with you, we will include our concepts to yours in order to provide you an event that matches your ambitions.
Of course, the ageless themes such as the choreographies of "Beyonce", "Dirty Dancing" or "Michael Jackson" are an essential part of our domain.
Some activities might not appropriate for pregnant women. We are pleased to invite pregnant participants. The teachers will adapt to them so that they can take part in specific parts of the course. For the rest, it will be a great dosage of laughter.
Worrying the gown code, come as you are! We can encourage you to come dressed comfortably and to eliminate your precious jewelry before the class. We also encourage you to bring a small bottle of water.
When leasing a dance hall, we recommend you to be present 15mn before the start of the animation.

Why choosing us for for bachelorette – bachelor party dance class ?

  • Professional and friendly dance teacher.
  • Private dance class at the location of your choice.
  • Fun warm-up followed by the dance class of your choice.
  • Perfect for all experience levels and all personalities.
  • You are unique, which is why we offer a tailor-made service.
  • From 3 to 20 people. Options for large groups from 20 people included.
  • Variety of dance styles, themes, music and choreography.
  • Opportunities to photograph throughout and film at the end of your session.

Our prices for Bachelorette Party Dance Classes

in North Richland Hills

The duration of our EVJF and EVG are all 1h30 or 2h depending on location.

We do not offer 1 hour bachelorette parties which are too short.

For Bachelor(ette) party from more than 20 people:

Why choose Dance All Styles for your wedding dance?


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We do not quote the head of our customers. All our prices are fixed, clear and displayed.

We are the only ones in the USA to be able to offer dance lessons at home in all regions of the USA, via a team of partners who are responsive, versatile and available in your regions.

Our after-sales service; responsive 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, allows us to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

In the event of a problem with the teacher (injuries, illnesses, professional constraints, etc.), we are committed to changing your teacher as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about our dance classes

How long does a dance bachelorette party last?

Bachelorette parties are 2 hours long. We do not offer 1 hour bachelorette parties which are too short. 2 hours is the recommended time, especially if you want to do a little choreography for the wedding day. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the teachers, you will see that it goes relatively quickly!

What should you plan for a bachelorette party dance?

For bachelorette parties , nothing is to be expected except a little space. The teacher comes directly with his sound system and a playlist of adapted music.

Where do bachelorette parties dance take place?

With DanceAllStyles, the Bachelorette Parties and Bachelorette Parties take place directly at home, at the place of your choice or outdoors.

What are the possible themes for a dance bachelorette party?

Each of the teachers specializes in their own style, so you can choose the theme or style of your choice. Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Dirty Dancing … You can also choose between oriental , Bollywood , street , Salsa, Lady ‘Style …

What is a Bachelorette Party?

An EVJF dances with DanceAllStyles is an initiation to in the form of an animation suitable for all participants with a professional dancer specializing in event animation. For all levels, you also have the possibility of reproducing a choreography for the wedding day. Have a fun, original and fun time with the girls. Possibility also of EVG .