Birthday Party dance class

in Harvey

Are you looking for an adult or children’s birthday dance class ?

Designed to fit all ages and levels our birthday dance class for adults are suitable for everyone !

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Birthday Party dance class

in Harvey

Are you looking for an adult or kids's birthday dance class?

Designed to fit any ages and levels our birthday dance class for grownups are suitable for everyone!

From novices who never danced before to advanced levels. Starting as young as 5 years and approximately 99 years of ages.

In order to bring a little more fun to your "soiree" or just having fun with your folks. The birthday dance class for grownups is made to be entertaining and pleasurable for every single occasions.

DanceAllStyles and its certified partner dance instructors definitely LIKE the dynamic and the fun of a birthday celebration no matter where the party is at.

All of our choreography are simple to follow for everyone. You can pick to dance to today's signboard hits or even international tunes. We will construct a play-list around your likes and preferences due to the fact that it is your birthday!

Our birthday dance class are ideal for celebrations and it will most definitely make this day or night one to bear in mind.

Our Birthday Party Dance classes Step-by-Step

The instructor can concern: your house, the place of your option or a casino, regardless of the time of the day.

You got absolutely nothing to stress about besides having enough space to host the occasion in your home (pushing furnishings generally works). For the dance hall, strategy to show up 15 minutes before the start of the occasion.

On the D-Day, The instructor comes straight to your house with his sound system and a play-list of selected tunes.

What is scheduled that day:

Couples games, group games, dance battles, production of a fun choreography that can be performed by as lots of people as possible and of course suitable for everybody. This cheerful and sociable event is going to bring all of your visitors to the dance-floor.

A Style? What Design?

Depending upon your preferred style of dance or a specific style we offer a broad variety of dances: charleston, salsa, rock, hip-hop, twist, modern-day dances, Line dancing, dances with heels ... Let us understand what you want.

We got you covered! ranging from micheal jackson to beyonce we make certain to not forget the classics.

Why choosing us for Birthday Party dance class ?

  • Professional and friendly dance teacher.
  • Learn new moves: take a roadtrip around the world ! International songs and dance moves will make your party rock !
  • We offer discovery and unique entertainment by linking games and choreography all together.
  • You are unique, which is why we offer a tailor-made service.
  • Be part of the moment and enjoy ! get ready for a fun, amusing and incredibly energetic party that will get everyone moving around on their feet. Whatever style of dance you choose, these professionals encourage all people to express themselves through this activity so you can dance like you just don’t care !

Our prices for Birthday Party dance class

in Harvey

For any other inquiries do not hesitate to contact us, all of our quotations are free. We can also guide you through the creation of your event.

Our team members are here to assist you when it comes to creating your event, in order for you to have memorable birthday.

The adult birthday dance class goes for an hour usually but you can also inquire for an hour and a half event or a 2 hours if the event takes place during the day.

We look at all the requests concerning dance entertainment services and advise you as best as possible.

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