Dance shows for seminar and shop committees

in Buffalo Grove

For an occasional corporate event, a team building, christmas tree, work council, seminar, coporate evening entertainment…

Booking your own dance show (dance show for a company, christmas tree, event…) of professional dancers that are partners of the DanseTousStyles agency is the guarantee of being amazed from the beginning until the end of the show.

Why choose Dance All Styles for your seminar or shop committees?


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We do not quote the head of our customers. All our prices are fixed, clear and displayed.

We are the only ones in the USA to be able to offer dance lessons at home in all regions of the USA, via a team of partners who are responsive, versatile and available in your regions.

Our after-sales service; responsive 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, allows us to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

In the event of a problem with the teacher (injuries, illnesses, professional constraints, etc.), we are committed to changing your teacher as soon as possible.

Our packs for seminar and shop committees include:

  • We will adapt our performance according to your demands.
  • Music genre, dance styles, costumes, our team offers a wide variety of themes.
  • Possibility of multiple performances.

  • Travel costs included.
  • We are a company, not an association; therefor it is deductible (depending on states, different rates apply).
  • 7/7 monitoring of your project. Our team is at your disposal by email or phone for any questions (doubts about a movement, desire to discover a new style of dance …)
  •  Qualified dance teachers, with reference

Dance shows for seminar and shop committees

in Buffalo Grove

What is a dance show?
Booking your own dance program (dance show for a company, christmas tree, event ...) of professional dancers that are partners of the DanseTousStyles firm is the warranty of being astonished from the start until the end of the show.

Couple dance tables, we classified dance groups to be part of the new age ... take pleasure in an unique, personalized dance program for your company, created for any particular themes.

Dynamic energy, ranging from jazz to rock' nroll, flamenco to rumba, samba to tango, charleston but also Hip-Hop, bachata or salsa. You get it, as soon as again we got you covered. All of our dancers are chosen by their professionalism but likewise their talent.

From now on, you can find your own private dance event:
Whatever occasion you are hosting (Company Christmas party, inauguration party, workshops ...) and the theme you are picking. We will adjust our efficiency according to your demands.

Music category, dance styles, outfits, our team uses a wide array of styles. Our dancers are entirely either rivals or specialists. Finest believe your visitors and all the individuals welcomed are going to keep a wonderful memory of that dance program.

Dance reveals: Our styles and styles
Our partnered dancers at DancesTousStyles will understand how to completely adapt to the style you will choose for your event.

For the different dances designs, they will have the ability to perform:

-- Requirement Ballroom dances (waltz, rock, tango ...).

-- All latin dances (Bachata, Salsa, Rumba, Kizomba, Cha-cha-cha ...).

-- Current urban dances (Hip-Hop, Street dance, Jazz fusion ...).

-- Charleston, Twist, Country dance.

-- Cabaret, Burlesque.

- Asian dance, indian Bollywood dance, Haitian, Polynesian Dance, Islands ...

The average time for a performance is 15 minutes.

Possibility of multiple efficiencies.

What you need to understand before booking a dance show:.
What do you require to host your own dance program? definitely nothing.
The only thing that we will be worried about is if you have adequate area. This will be defined by the variety of individuals you will pick for your dance program.
If your sound system is not good enough to be use for our dance show we will include our own. Do not fret about the costumes our partnered dancers are straight coming to you with their devices and costume that you can choose to match the theme of your occasion.
Feel complimentary to contact us or the contact form, in order for us to direct you through the very best style and dance design for your business dance program.

A dance class for your event?
For an occasional business occasion, a group building, christmas tree, work council, seminar, coporate night home entertainment ...
DanseTousStyles is using a dance class for the event that you are hosting. Despite the fact that it is a dance initiation with the aid of our expert dancers we nevertheless only work with dancers that have experience in such events.

Our prices for Dance shows for seminar and shop committees

in Buffalo Grove