Waltz Private Dance Lessons

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At home or in the gym, all Styles, all ages, all levels

The Dance All Styles team offers private dance lessons. This flexible and efficient service suits your needs. Thanks to private dance lessons, we guarantee you will progress at least 4 times faster than a group lesson.

Why choose Dance All Styles for your dance lessons?


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We do not quote the head of our customers. All our prices are fixed, clear and displayed.

We are the only ones in the USA to be able to offer dance lessons at home in all regions of the USA, via a team of partners who are responsive, versatile and available in your regions.

Our after-sales service; responsive 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, allows us to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

In the event of a problem with the teacher (injuries, illnesses, professional constraints, etc.), we are committed to changing your teacher as soon as possible.

Our packs for Waltz Private Dance Lessons include:

  • Private dance lessons 7 days a week, until 10:30 p.m.
  • Followed by video. Between dance lessons, you can send your training videos to the teacher who will correct you remotely.
  • Change of teacher at your request.
  • Travel costs included.
  • Summary video on your phone made at the end of each class
  • 7/7 monitoring of your project. Our team is at your disposal by email or phone for any questions (doubts about a movement, desire to discover a new style of dance …)
  •  Qualified dance teachers, with reference

Waltz Private Dance Lessons

in Mount Rainier

"Three action dance" Your Way to These 10 Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

We are constantly notified that driving a functioning way of living benefits our wellbeing and could prompt life span. Nevertheless, there are benefits explicit to formal dancing with a lot of research studies to back up each warranty. While traditional strategies for real work will in general stay in the bleeding edge of our psyches, traditional dancing isn't generally thought about as a technique to stay healthy, nevertheless there is a description artists remain healthy as a fiddle, both really and intellectually.
Consume more calories and dance your method to a slimmer waist with standard dancing. "Cha" away to build your digestion and take in somewhere in the variety of 260-500 calories each hour. You could lose as much as a pound each week while having a great time and fulfilling new individuals.
Are your joints plaguing you? Do you feel strong? Dance your approach to much better versatility and lessened joint torture. Prior to starting any class, Quick Slow teachers will stroll you through an extending regular to prevent any moving wounds and permit you to perform moves without hardly raising a finger. You're joints will thank you, in addition to you'll get familiar for specific brand-new relocations!
Your determination and strength increments as you go to an ever increasing number of classes. Projects that were bothersome or made you handle for breath abruptly will not stage you, and you'll see that you're expanded determination permits you to bring on with a more complete life.
Conventional dancing is cardio that is entertaining. All you require to do to enhance your cardiovascular wellbeing and decreasing pulse and cholesterol is dance for in any event 30 minutes 4 times each week. Moving "beats" strolling on a treadmill, particularly for the individuals who are outgoing people or inclined to weariness. Leave those hamster wheels included by glaring TVs behind, and "Rumba" your heart into genuine "thump.".
Your balance and stability will increment. Considering that moving is about suitable stance and quick advancements, your center, which is answerable for your stability, will feel a large portion of the result. You'll see that not solely will official dancing fix your center, however for the people who are continuous clumsy individuals, you will not wind up discovering air.
Partner dancing can prevent dementia. A medical report acted in Australia discovered that moving expanded spatial memory which is one of the regular indications of dementia. Those "means" and checking the "beats" really pays off in a greater number of ways than one!
Experiencing agitation or discouragement? Couples dancing assists with lightening uneasiness and sadness by offering an inventive outlet of self-articulation. You'll wind up moving the Foxtrot while doing regular endeavors or murmuring a tune in the wake of taking couples dancing exercises rather than floundering in unfavorable self reflection.
Raise your mind-set by signing up with a couples dance class. Moving deliveries endorphins considering that it very well may be truly diminishing. Those endorphins will set you feeling better the whole day after every couples dance class and will make people question precisely how you've been doing light up your face to such an extent.
Increment your confidence and certainty. As you make new companions and improve shape, you're confidence will increment. Formal dancing provides you a method to gain some brand-new helpful understanding while making companions which just serves to support your certainty.
Get your public activity back with partner dance classes. In case you're browsing for an approach to satisfy brand-new people, however going to a club or bar simply isn't some tea, at that point traditional dancing is for you.
In case you like moving your method to a much better you, reach us at Quick Slow Ballroom. Permit us to help you with getting a charge out of these benefits which's just the beginning!
The couples dance that scandalized requiring English society in the nineteenth century for its indecent matching of individuals is developing a commotion when more. The 3 tap dance, it winds up, can have medical benefits.
In an examination of 110 cardiovascular breakdown patients that was introduced at an event of the American Heart Association in Chicago the previous fall, analysts detailed that moving the three action dance 3 times weekly for about 2 months was likewise as viable in enhancing cardiopulmonary capability as practicing on a treadmill or bike for a comparable duration.
That is on the premises that the three step dance, which looks so smooth and abundant when progressed admirably, is misleadingly thorough. For that reason, its vigorous benefits reach out to others also, says Dr. William Averill, a cardiologist and past leader of the association's Los Angeles department.
Clearly, fanatic lovers understood this - and view the brand-new investigation as vindication.
" The 3 tap dance is much more a workout than heart stimulating exercise or running," says Stuart Cole, co-proprietor of Vivo Dancesport Center, in the Los Angeles area. On a brand-new Tuesday night, he was revealing both the slow (American) and quicker (Viennese) designs of the three tap dance to a few lots understudies.
The three step dance is carried out in three-four time, or three beats to the bar. Envision checking 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, rapidly, with a weight change on each development, states Jeff Allen, developer of The Total Moron's Guide to Ballroom Dancing.
In the American-style waltz, there are 30 to 36 bars each moment, so you're doing 90 weight changes each moment or more, he says. This design of three step dance is incredible for conditioning and strengthening muscles, says Tami Stevens, co-proprietor of the Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association in Pasadena, Calif. "You're extending and extending your body as you move," she says. "We do a heap of turns and minor departure from it, so toward the surface of the dance, your heart is pulsating more earnestly on the grounds that you've been turning and whirling.".
The Viennese-style waltz is performed at 56 to 61 bars each minute, usually double the speed of the American three tap dance - substantially quicker than a Lindy Hop or jitterbug, Allen says.
" You need to stir yourself as much as a Viennese 3 step dance a lot of like an energetic workout, considering that it's consistent," says Loren Kalin, proprietor of the Long Beach Dance Center in Long Beach, Calif. "The music is 1-2-3, and your feet need to move to that musicality.".
" In case you're not in leading condition, you will be practically dead when you end the melody," Allen states.

Prices for Waltz Private Dance Lessons

in Mount Rainier

Frequently asked questions about our dance classes

When to start the classes ?

As soon as possible. At Danse Tous Styles, we are open 7 days a week to meet your expectations. You can also have classes during vacations and public holidays.

Thanks to an interactive video exchange of training videos between classes with the teacher, you can space out your sessions as much as possible so that you can practice between classes if you wish.

Who are the dance teachers ?

As opposed to some networking platforms, all partnered teachers of all styles are selected by us and work with us daily. They are qualified and experienced teachers, many of them are a reference in their respective fields. With Danse Tous Styles, it is the guarantee of a successful project without bad surprises.

Where are the classes ?

Classes are normally held at home all over the U.S.A thanks to a large team of teachers. Classes can also take place in classrooms in some cities.

Why a private dance class ?

It has been proven that you progress 4 times faster in private lessons than in a group class. In a group class with 30 students, the teacher will only be able to give each student 2 minutes every hour. In a private lesson, the teacher comes to you, for you and prepares his lesson according to your level, the 60 min are entirely reserved for you.

How much for a private dance lesson ?

40$ an hour for 1 person and 60$ an hour for 2 persons. All our rates are set and indicated on our quotations.

> This month enjoy a 38% discount on all added classes.

Our private dance lessons at home

Private dance lesson alone. Also private dance lessons for couples. Come and learn to dance in the style that suits you. Discover new dancing styles or learn to improvise: we adapt our services to your needs.

At home classes: Hip-hop, Breakdance, Charleston, Street Jazz, Zumba, Twist, Contemporary, Popping, New Style dance, House, modern dance, “Party dances”, Madison, Lindy Hop, Country

  • Private dance lessons to learn how to dance like Michael Jackson and achieve his famous Moonwalk.
  • Learn how to dance at parties be comfortable on a dance floor alone
  • Latin dance classes: Cuban Salsa, Puerto Rican Salsa, Bachata, Samba, Kizomba, Rumba…
  • Standard salon dance at home: Waltz, Tango, Cha-cha-cha, Jive…
  • Rock 4-stroke and Rock 6-stroke at home

I don’t know which dance style to pick …

The Dance All Styles team is there everyday to give you the best advice on the dance style that will suit you best.

Dance alone, dance in a couple, but then what to choose?

From Hip-Hop, to Jive, to Rumba, the expert coaches will guide you and show you the dance style that suits you.

To be comfortable on a dance floor on your own, we can advise you to go for private Street Dance or Funk lessons or even private / individual Salsa Suelta lessons if you like music with a latin rhythm.

If you are a couple, we can recommend you to start on private Rock lessons (4 or 6 stroke ), you will be able to adapt the movements and passes of Rock in order to be able to dance with 2 people on a good range of musics.

If you rather like Latin rhythms, you will be able to find a lot of Latin parties. For that, learn how to be comfortable thanks to the private lessons of Salsa (in couple), in private lessons of Kizomba or Bachata.

Why choosing Dance All Styles for your private dance lesson ?

  • We do not discriminate All our rates are the same for everyone, clear and displayed.
  • We are the only ones in France to be able to provide dance classes at home in all regions of France, through a reactive, versatile and available team of partners in your regions.
  • Our after-sales service; available 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, allows us to respond to your request as quickly as possible.
  • In the unlikely circumstance of a problem with the teacher (injuries, illnesses, professional constraints…), we commit ourselves to change your teacher as soon as possible.

The process of a private dance lessons

Classes take place directly at your home and according to your availability (indoor classes are also possible, but generally a small living room is more than enough).

Unlike group classes, the teacher is there to guide you from A to Z. He will help you  reach your objectives quickly.

The duration of a private lesson is 1h30. This is the duration that we recommend. This allows you easily learn and master the steps and movements you have learned. Lessons of 1 hour are too short. It is also more efficient and practical to schedule for example 2 lessons of 1h30 rather than 3 lessons of 1h. Also for the agenda of the student and the teacher.

At the end of each class, the teacher will film you and give you a video summary of what you saw during the session so that you can practice on your own. The training sessions between each class will help you progress.

Don’t wait any longer, come and learn how to dance for the parties by discovering how to be more comfortable on a dance floor and by having some improvisation material to perform on the dance floor.

Private dance classes vs. group dance classes

What are the benefits of a private dance class compared to a group class?

One of the biggest assets of a private class is that you can dance directly with a dance professional and be corrected automatically. This way you can acquire the right technique right from the start.

Unlike a group class, during a private dance class, the teacher is entirely devoted to you. Therefore, you progress at your own pace, with exercises adjusted to your level, your desires and your objectives. In contrast to a group class where the teacher cannot afford to correct each student.

In a group class you will need one year of schooling to acquire the basics; in a private class, just a few hours and you can achieve the same result. So it is a substantially time saving.

The other advantage in a private class compared to a group class is the fact that you can adapt your classes according to your own schedule; this means that you limit your missed classes and don’t have to block a regular slot as you would in a group class.

One of the other major advantages is that you can do the lessons at home. So, even during strikes or holidays, you can have a private lesson at home, any day of the week.

Private lessons are a custom-made coaching, from the beginning to the end of your project. We send the best teachers in your area to your home at a competitive rate.

Learn how to dance according to your goals

When you choose to take a private dance class with a partner teacher from the DanseTousStyles team, you will have a constant follow-up and will be able to track your progress and development. You’re going to love dancing!

Our dance initiation programs in one or more dance styles combined with our teaching techniques will allow you to move around and “get groovy” on any dance floor, to any music, with any partner and feel comfortable and confident. From there, you will be able to dance for any special occasion, with fun and pleasure!

Dancing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Whatever the style, alone, as a couple or in a group. It is enjoyed in all countries and by all ages. In the way of getting to know and get along with others, dance is a real social benefit. The good news is that, because dance is a natural form of self-expression, every person is a potential dancer!

At DanseTousStyless, you’ll notice that learning dance (like dance itself) is filled with excitement and a sense of accomplishment. As you begin to master your body and this timeless art form, you will realize the countless social, physical, emotional and aesthetic benefits of dance.

Whether you are a beginner dancer (never danced before) or an experienced dancer (highly skilled), our teacher-coaches will do their best to bring out the dancer in you and help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

-> Contact us today for all inquiries about our private / individual dance classes!

How to be feeling comfortable at a party ?

To relax, to have fun, to meet new people, but above all to have fun. Dancing is part of an unavoidable step of a successful evening. So learning to be comfortable at a party is essential.

Alone or as a couple, it is essential to be comfortable with your body and to learn how to move in rhythm to the music.

Having self-confidence is an essential element in a person’s appearance. Especially in dance, which allows you to express yourself with your body. Your personality is felt through your stance, your movements… That’s why self-confidence is also developed during our private dance classes.

With our qualified teachers, you will be able to learn how to dance at parties in just a few classes, according to your style and personality.

Depending on your training sessions between classes, you will also be able to improvise in dance in no time!

Why a private dance class ?

In the 2019/2020 season, only a quarter of the group lessons could be done. Thanks to DanseTousStyles’ private lessons, you can transfer all your lessons to the year 2020/2021, at the same rate, without any additional fees.

Private dance classes provide the most thorough and personal method of learning. Thanks to it, it is proven that you will progress much faster than in a group class. The teacher acts as your personal trainer. He has a coaching role and has a customized plan for each of your classes.

Together you set your goals and he helps you reach them, so that you can make your dreams come true!

Suitable for all ages and levels, DanseTousStyles has an elite team of experienced and certified dance teachers who are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of yourself.

So, whether you’re a person looking for some fun, a new activity or simply someone who wants dance classes at home? We have a fully integrated teaching program that fits your schedule perfectly.

Private dance lessons and customized schedule. We design all of our course programs keeping in mind the start and end goals of each individual. To be as effective as possible, all our classes are prepared in advance by the teachers.

All our students can decide to progress at their own pace in their dance journey, according to their personal goals. It is thanks to the methodology of our teachers that you will be able to feel really comfortable and confident on any dance floor.

For all those who already have experience in dance but wish to move to a higher level, you are also invited to go as far as you wish. Supervised by experienced dance teachers and highly skilled professional dancers.