Private Wedding Dance Lessons

in Melody Hills

Customized first dance all over the U.S.A

Do you want to surprise your guests with an original first wedding dance that suits you?

Your relationship is unique, therefor your first wedding dance must be unique. DanseTousStyles presents its wedding dance classes. Wedding dance classes for your first dance all across The U.S.A.

It’s true that with all the planning involved in the organization of a wedding, we don’t give priority to the First Dance. However, customized First Dances are one of the most memorable things to remember about a wedding night.

Have fun and spend some time the two of you at your wedding dance class.

The traditional first wedding dance has become the memorable and unique highlight of the wedding night. It is also a present that you give to your guests… especially because it is the magical moment that your family and all your guests are looking forward to.

The famous First Wedding Dance is usually done before the start of the dancing at the wedding. Mostly we recommend the first wedding dance after dessert. But it can also be done before the Wedding Cake.

Our packs for wedding dance class and first dance include:

  • We will adapt our performance according to your demands.
  • Music genre, dance styles, costumes, our team offers a wide variety of themes.
  • Possibility of multiple performances.

  • Travel costs included.
  • We are a company, not an association; therefor it is deductible (depending on states, different rates apply).
  • 7/7 monitoring of your project. Our team is at your disposal by email or phone for any questions (doubts about a movement, desire to discover a new style of dance …)
  •  Qualified dance teachers, with reference

Private Wedding Dance Lessons

in Melody Hills

Select from the most popular designs of contemporary, Latin, exotic and ballroom dances:
Hip-hop, Breakdance, Rock, Waltz, Salsa, Contemporary, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Bachata, Kizomba, Charleston, Modern Dance, Street Jazz, Bollywood, Oriental Dance, Classical ...-- The option is yours!
Whether you are alone or a couple, newbie or advanced. Whether you simply wish to learn to how to dance, be more comfy at parties and amaze your pals on a dance floor? Or au contraire you desire to best your abilities. Come and discover distinct choreographies that will allow you to get a strong base and rapidly progress.
Our trainers and teachers are not only qualified fitness professionals, but likewise some of the very best teachers and entertainers in their field. To book a personal dance class with a teacher.
Tell us what you need and your accessibility. We will assist you discover the solution that suits you finest.

Our prices for Private Wedding Dance Lessons

in Melody Hills

The company DanseTousStyles, through its team of partnered dance teachers and professional dancers is in first position on the largest wedding reference sites such as or Zankyou. The opening dance (also called 1st Wedding Dance or Wedding Dance) is THE highlight of your wedding evening. Make it a unique and magical moment.

The Wedding Preparation Dance Classes take place at home or at the location of your choice throughout the U.S.A without additional travel fees. Possibility of renting a dance hall in partner’s studios (check city).

Why choose Dance All Styles for your wedding dance?


courses and services since 2018

We do not quote the head of our customers. All our prices are fixed, clear and displayed.

We are the only ones in the USA to be able to offer dance lessons at home in all regions of the USA, via a team of partners who are responsive, versatile and available in your regions.

Our after-sales service; responsive 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, allows us to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

In the event of a problem with the teacher (injuries, illnesses, professional constraints, etc.), we are committed to changing your teacher as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about our dance classes

Where are the classes happening ?

Classes can take place at your home. Dance All Styles provides its classes all over the U.S.A.

Who is the dance teacher ?

It is always the same teacher who guides you, from the beginning to the end of your project (except in case of unforeseen circumstances, we will find another teacher for you). The teachers are above all choreographers, very good coach, experienced in the creation of customized First wedding dance; who will be able to teach you a dance that reflects your personality, whatever your basic level is. Each one being specialized in their style, we will assist you and help you to realize your project in the best possible way.

How is my First wedding dance created ?

The choreography of your First dance is fully customizable. It is created before the classes by your dance coach but can be entirely modified during the classes according to your progress and your tastes. We work with you to create a choreography based on several elements, after discussions with you and especially on your personality.

When should I take my classes for the First wedding dance ?

Best case scenario is to contact us as soon as possible in order not to be in a hurry and to have the slots you would wish to have. We recommend that you space out the sessions until the date of your wedding. You can attend classes 7 days a week and also in the Evening until 10:30 pm. There are no additional fees for evening and weekend slots.

How much does a First wedding dance costs ?

The rate is 60$ per hour for the 2 future bride and groom. DanseTousStyles guarantees you the First dance with an average of 3mn in 6 hours of classes (either 4 classes of 1h30 or 3 classes of 2h). Because the 1 hour classes are too short and less effective. Either the 6hrs Package for your First wedding dance at 360$ (=180$ / person for the whole project). Plus You get our offer of the month: -38% on the added lessons.

Why trusting DanseTousStyles for your First wedding dance ?

Dance All Styles guarantees you the First dance in a number of hours well defined in advance. This way, you control your budget. Thanks to the teaching method and the experience of our skilled teacher-choreographers, you can be sure to complete your project in a given number of classes. In the event of a problem (injury of the teacher, unavoidable travel…), the rest of your classes will be taken by another experienced teacher for a constant follow-up.

Why choosing us for your First wedding dance ?

Dance All Styles is made up of a team of experts in Wedding Dances being the first in France to be able to guarantee you a First dance in a number of classes and a number of hours well defined in advance.

We do not discriminate All our rates are the same for everyone, clear and displayed.

We are the only ones in France to be able to provide private dance classes throughout France.

Our team of partners is complete and versatile, and is composed of dance teachers specialized in 1st wedding dances. Therefore, in case of injury of the teacher or any other reason that could affect your opening dance; we take it upon ourselves to change you teacher as soon as possible.

Even beginners, surprise your guests. For all requests for information concerning dance classes for your First wedding dance, please feel free to -> contact us directly

How to get ready for a last minute planing of the first dance ?

Of course, this is not what we recommend… but because we know that the planning and preparation of a wedding takes time. We offer an accelerated learning package for last-minute First dances. The opening dance is the highlight of your wedding night. It is the defining moment for your couple. That’s why you can’t take this gift away from your guests.

Unlike popular belief, a minimum of 60ft² of free space is enough for a First dance classes at home.

When should i start taking classes for my First wedding dance ?

Dance classes for your First dance, it’s just fun! Mixing moments for 2 and wedding planning can only be fun.

It all depends on what you want (romantic choreography as a couple, collective choreography with your wedding guests), a mix of several styles, music or others.

The ideal for our future bride and groom is to get started as soon as possible. You will not be in a hurry. Because yes, we are aware of what the planning of a wedding requires. We also advise you to space out the sessions in correlation with your wedding date. Spacing out the sessions also allows you to have much more fluidity and a more natural look in your first wedding dance, whatever your basic level is!

As a future bride and groom, you can already get in touch with us for any information request. Also, take advantage of our limited time offer on all the added classes. The limited time offer is also available for weddings in 2021 and 2022.

What style should i pick for my First wedding dance ?

You can choose any style of dance. The most important thing is that it suits and appeals to you. Whether it’s a Viennese waltz, a Rock or a Funk Hip-hop style, it all depends on your mood.

Yes, a slow dance or a basic waltz is traditional, but there is no mandatory first dance to do, just as there is no need to organize a first dance ! For opening dance choreographies, we mainly use different versions of several dance styles. Passes, tricks and movements that we customize and create for you. This depends on you, on the wedding dress, hairstyle and shoes that you will wear on the D-day.

Also, if you have already chosen the song you wish to dance to, the dance style will follow its rhythm. On the other hand, if you know what kind of dance you want to do, our dance teachers and professional dancers will be able to tell you what you can dance to, and give you further guidance.

What style should i pick for my First wedding dance ?

If you are rather festive, why stick to one dance style? You and your bride-to-be can create a mix of different styles of music and songs. It’s always fun, especially if you want to add a more dynamic touch to the romantic side of the First dance on your wedding day.

Trendy themes for your First Dance

Are you inspired by Dirty dancing or Grease? Unless you prefer the choreography of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” video clip.

Let us know what you want. Videos that inspire you? We will adapt ourselves as well as we can to guarantee you the success of your First Dance.

We adapt and work as a team on your preferences with you. We combine your ideas with ours and therefore see you delighted to impress all your guests on the D-day.

Modified versions or with different styles… The music of “new” films such as La La La Land or The Greatest Showman are part of the First dance themes.

Share your first wedding dance

You wish to share your First dance with one or more people around you? Don’t worry, we are overflowing with advices and ideas in order to make your dance, a truly magical moment for all.

Don’t hesitate to -> contact us for more information, we are here to listen to you and create the choreography that suits you!

First dance with your father :

If you like the idea of sharing your first dance, why not share it with your parents and ask them to join you on the dance floor for your first dance as husband and wife? In addition to honoring your parents, you’ll create a heartfelt moment and an interesting way to start the rest of the dance. You can also introduce your first wedding dance with a transition between father and daughter, before the bride joins her future husband.

First dance with a collective wedding choreography :

Do you want an atmosphere with more fullness? Involve a few friends or guests and create a fun wedding choreography for the first dance.

For example, start your First Dance with a romantic and calm song as a couple. Then, halfway through, your friends will join you for the rest of the choreography, which you can do all together or with them as a group of dance partners.

This idea requires a planned and practiced choreography, which can very easily be done in one class (depending on the objective of your choreography, flash-mob type or other). You will also be able to work on this project with each other afterwards, by video, if you don’t all have the opportunity to join you “physically” before the wedding date. By doing your choreography with our teachers, you can be certain that your dance will be flawless.

Be sure that the good mood during the group class as well as the work and effort you put in will be well earned when you surprise all the guests with such a beautiful and fun moment!

Our advise for a successful wedding first dance

The wedding first dance is the moment of the evening when all eyes are focused on you. We recommend that the bride and groom plan small training sessions between each class to create the wonderful and natural look expected on your wedding day. The majority of couples perform a First dance that lasts an average of 3 minutes, in order for everyone to have time to take their position around you but also to capture and film this moment while being surprised by your dance. It all depends on what you want, but we recommend a dance of a minimum of 2 minutes. We also perform choreographies with an average of 5 minutes for the bride and groom who wish to do so.

Your wedding choreography can be performed to a single song or a medley of several songs (2, 3, 4, 5 and up to 8 songs). We advise you to change the style with each new music, indeed, it allows you to diversify and energize the choreography. For example, you can start your first wedding dance slowly with a slow or a waltz, then continue with a music why not catchy, rather commercial. This allows you to invite the guests to join the bride and groom on the dance floor and  launch the dancing part of the wedding party.

And above all, for the big day, don’t forget to have fun! You just need to be yourself and be relaxed enough to be fully present at one of the most special moments of your life.

The process of a private dance lessons for a wedding first dance

The teacher creates the choreography with you. Depending on your preferences, it can be steps and movements seen on television, videos that inspire you…

It is therefore a choreographic creation and a fully customizable First dance production. The First Dance of your wedding must be unique and an authentic reflection of your couple.

All our 1st wedding dance choreographies are worked and created in advance by the teacher in order to be as efficient as possible.

If you don’t have a specific theme, we will help you and give you ideas. Then we adjust ourselves to you.

At the end of each class, the teacher will make a video with a summary of what you have seen during the class. You will then be filmed doing the First dance choreography so that you can see your improvement as the class proceeds. This will allow you to practice and learn the steps until the next class. We recommend that you plan 2 training sessions between classes. About 20 minutes long, these sessions between classes will allow you to get a natural final result.

How many private dance class I need for my first dance ?

In order to achieve a nice and successful First dance, we advise you to take 4 classes of 1h30 or 3 classes of 2h. By starting on our package with 6 hours of private dance lessons, we commit ourselves to offer you an excellent guarantee of results. The length of a First dance for 6 hours is on average 2mn30 – 3 minutes.

We suggest a 12hrs Gold pack allowing you to impress your guests throughout the party!

From our experience, an 1 hour private dance lesson is too short, whatever your level of dance. You are more effective in sessions of 1h30 minimum. Indeed, we can thus have a better understanding of what is seen and remembering is easier! Thanks to the teaching method of the qualified teachers, 1hr30 or 2hrs classes allow you to integrate more easily and quickly the movements and steps learned during the class.

Where can the wedding’s first dance class can take place ?

Each private dance class takes place at home or in a dance hall. Our teachers will assist you in creating the choreography that will amaze all your guests on your wedding day!

In most cases, it is not necessary to rent a room for a private dance lesson. A medium sized hall is more than enough (allow 65ft² of free space, depending on the style of dance chosen). Danse Tous Styles are teachers that come directly to your home, according to your availability, also in the evenings and on weekends.

For the rental of a dance room in one of our partner dance halls in certain cities, a supplement of 15$ per hour is required.

For home-based classes, you should know that it is not always necessary to have a lot of space. Indeed, the more space you take for your choreography, the more difficult it will be on the D-day (taking into account the dress, the shoes…). The objective, during a wedding choreography is not to remain static and to be perpetually in movement in order to give rhythm to your choreography.

First dance: a fun and exciting set up

On top of building self-confidence, private dance classes are a great way for the bride and groom to bond and have fun together, even before the big day. It can also be a very memorable moment and a huge surprise for all your friends and family, especially if they are not used to seeing you dance.

Easy, fancy, romantic or comical… Your wedding First dance will be most of all unforgettable and guaranteed to be one to remember ! Create a First dance that reflects your image.

You will see at the end of your first private dance lesson, that the remaining will be nothing but fun.

All the dance teachers who are partners of DanseTousStyles are there to guide you and advise you. Take your first steps together, and learn how to be comfortable on the dance floor, while preparing your project of choreography of 1st wedding dance.

Whatever your level (From  never danced before to already having a good base). Whatever the theme and style you want (Waltz, Salsa, Tango, Rock, Charleston, modern dance…). You came to the right place.

How to make your first wedding dance even more special ?

The First wedding dance of the newlyweds is always a special moment, for the bride and groom, as well as for those watching. While some may shed a tear as they watch the bride and groom dance, others may dream of what their first dance as husband and wife will be like. The truth is that this moment belongs to you and your eyes will be nowhere else but on each other.

Many people watch “Dancing with the Stars”. They call themselves bad dancers and think they can never do any choreography that will surprise their guests. However, dance lessons for your wedding should not be chore, but instead will become a pleasure. With a different approach to dance and a particular kind of teaching, you will see that creating and learning a choreography that suits you is not so complicated.

Dance All Styles partnered teachers are specialized in customized First Dance. They are there to give you all their advice. They will provide you with all the required technique you need to have during the private lesson so that you can perform the movements with ease.

Your wedding dance class all across the U.S.A

We are pleased to announce that since September 2019, Danse Tous Styles is established throughout France to become a reference for your 1st wedding dance. We are already present in each of these major cities and its surroundings: Lyon, Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier, Toulouse, Metz, Lille, Strasbourg, La Roche-sur-Yon, Dijon, Nantes…

When recruiting, teachers are carefully selected. Only 1 candidate out of 5 is tested in order to best meet your expectations during your wedding dance classes; and one out of two confirms his or her trial period.