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Hip-hop dance emerged in the 1970s and introduced new moves to the world of dance. It was inspired by the funky sounds of hip-hop music, which was just beginning to be discovered at the time. Initially, it was most popular among African-American and Latin American communities, but it has now spread across many cultures and regions.

It is now popular all over the United States, with hotspots like the Bronx in New York and Compton, California. This dance style appeals to young people worldwide and involves a variety of moves, like controlling, jumping, locking, krumping… Hip-hop artists played a crucial role in popularizing the dance moves by incorporating them into their songs. Overall, hip-hop dance is a diverse and dynamic art form that continues to evolve and grow in popularity.


Our private hip hop dance lessons: How do they work?

Our private hip hop lessons involve one-on-one instruction between you and one of our many specialized hip hop teachers. Tailored to your individual needs and goals, we offer a personalized and focused learning experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own place.

During the first lesson, the teacher will typically evaluate the student’s current skill level and discuss their goals and interests. From there, they will develop a lesson plan that addresses the specific areas the student wants to improve upon. The lessons themselves can vary in content and format, depending on the student’s skill level and goals.

If you are a beginner, lessons may start with basic hip hop moves and techniques, such as popping and locking. The focus will be primarily into making you comfortable in the dance floor, and coordinate with the beat.

More advanced students may work on complex choreography or freestyle techniques. No matter the level, each class will have a small part focused as well in getting your body conditioned to the exercise and making sure to stretch properly.

In addition to the physical instruction, our private hip hop lessons will also include discussions about hip hop culture and history, as well as opportunities for the student to perform and showcase their skills.


Our private hip hop dance lessons prices

For one person we offer 2 different options. A first package offers 7.5 hours of lessons at a cost of $337.50, which works out to $45 per hour. The focus of this package is on helping the student progress and improve, acquiring the basics to feel comfortable on the dance floor. The second package offers 15 hours of lessons at a slightly lower cost of $40 per hour, and similarly aims to help the student acquire the basics, with more time to get experience and flow.

As for our packages for two people, we offer 6 hours of lessons at a cost of $390, which works out to $65 per hour, while the second package offers 12 hours of lessons for two people at a cost of $60 per hour.

The teacher comes directly with his sound system and a playlist of selected songs. You can choose when, availability 7 days a week, in the evening or on weekends.


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